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My Appearance On Dr Phil - May 2012

Psychics, mediums, numerologists … Do you believe people can see auras and receive messages from the other side? Dr. Phil’s panel of well-known experts — psychic and cosmic coach Dougall Fraser, spiritual medium Rebecca Rosen, numerologist Glynis McCants and intuitive counselor Colette Baron-Reid — say they have paranormal instincts and can prove it. Watch as they perform readings with Dr. Phil’s guests and the studio audience — are their insights accurate? Are you a believer?



I was in the audience in May of 2012 and Rebeca Rosen provided me a reading..  Unfortunately, the video clip only showed 2 out of 7 things she told me. ALL of which were 100 percent TRUE. Scared the crap out of me!


Click on the image below. You can see my psychic reading at about 1:24.

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